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Posters and Demos will be exhibited during lunch.


Session chair: Hanna Landin

Room: Candelafoajen

TUESDAY 12.30-14.00:

Smart Connected Sensations: Co-Creating Smart Connected Applications through Distributed Serenpidity

Kevin Lefeuvre, Arne Berger, Albrecht Kurze, Sören Totzauer, Michael Storz, Andreas Bischof

Ubitile: A Finger-Worn I/O Device for Tabletop Vibrotactile Pattern Authoring

Khanh-Duy Le, Kening Zhu, Tomasz Kosiński, Morten Fjeld, Maryam Azh, Shengdong Zhao

WEDNESDAY 12.30-14.00:
EyeNav: Gaze-Based Code Navigation
Stevche Radevski, Hideaki Hata, Kenichi Matsumoto
NOSE: Improving Patient-Doctor Communication in Rhinoplasty
Jonathan Huyghe, Arne Jansen, Jan Derboven


Room: Candelafoajen


Designing for Including Children in Online Health Care Consultations
Johanna Persson, Sally Wiezell, Tilda Claeson
Analysing Interaction Trajectories in Multi-device Applications
Emmanuel Dubois, Augusto Celentano
Hold my Heart and Breathe with Me: Tangible Somaesthetic Designs
Ilhan Aslan, Hadrian Burkardt, Julian Kraus, Elisabeth Andre
Automatically Adapting Home Lighting to Assist Visually Impaired Children
Euan Freeman, Graham Wilson, Stephen Brewster
Analyzing Two Case Studies for Enhancing the Meaning of the Real Space
Fumiko Ishizawa, Mizuki Sakamoto, Tatsuo Nakajima
Mediated Reality Mirror: Towards a Study with Autistic Users
Doga Corlu, Beste Ozdeslik, Asim Evren Yantac, Morten Fjeld
Interaction Gestures for a Wearable Device Defined by Visually Impaired Children
Charlotte Magnusson, Hector Caltenco, Sara Finocchietti, Elena Cocchi, Lope Ben Porquis, Gabriel Baud-Bovy, Monica Gori
Understanding Aesthetics of Interaction: A Repertory Grid Study
Mati Mattus, David Lamas, Evangelos Karapanos, Gilbert Cockton
User Needs and Expectations for Future Traveling Services in Buses
Elina Hildän, Jarno Ojala, Kaisa Vänänen
Collaboration in the Living Room or How Couples Design Together
Foong-Yi Chia, Bokyung Lee, Daniel Saakes
Historytelling: a Website for the Elderly – A User-centered Design Approach
Torben Volkmann, Michael Sengpiel, Nicole Jochems
Building Ideas – Guided Design for Experience
Anne Elisabeth Krueger, Matthias Peissner, Nora Fronemann, Kathrin Pollmann
Participatory User Requirements Elicitation for Personal Menopause App
Amaury Trujillo, Maria Claudia Buzzi
Reward-based vs. Social Gamification: Exploring Effectiveness of Gamefulness in Public Participation
Sarah-Kristin Thiel
Happily Ever After: Positive Aging through Positive Design
Nora Fronemann, Kathrin Pollmann, Alicia Weisener, Matthias Peissner
PeriodShare: A Bloody Design Fiction
Marie Louise Juul Söndergaard, Lone Koefoed Hansen

Transactive Memory in Task-Driven 3D Virtual World Teams
Styliani Kleanthous, Michalis Michael

Tag-IT: Embedding Audio in Objects and Surfaces
Cristina Sylla, Eva Oliveira

Badum Tss! – A Paper-based Interaction to Augment Everyday Situations with Sound Effects
Vanessa Cobus, Nicolai Brauer, Armin Pistor, Hauke Precht, Abdallah El Ali, Susanne Boll

3D Accelerometer-based Gestures for Interacting with Mobile Devices
Shah Rukh Humayoun, Munir Ahmad, Achim Ebert

StoryBox: Design of a System to Support Experience Sharing through Visual Stories
Torben Wallbaum, Matthias Esser, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll

LeapArm –  Facilitating Sensory Spaces for Mid-air Gestural Interaction
Ilhan Aslan, Julian Kraus, Elisabeth Andre
Digital Sound De-Localisation As A Game Mechanic for Novel Bodily Play
John Tiab, Juho Rantakari, Mads Halse, Robb Mitchell
Legibility of Light and Ultra-Light Fonts: Eyetracking Study
Ivan Burmistrov, Tatiana Zlokazova, Iuliia Ishmuratova, Maria Semenova
Introducing GestureCards: A Prototyping Gesture Notation
Marc Hesenius, Volker Gruhn
UbiBeam++: Augmenting Interactive Projection with Head-Mounted Displays
Pascal Knierim, Markus Funk, Thomas Kosch, Anton Fedosov, Albrecht Schmidt
Adaptive Play: A Prototype of a Responsive Children’s Game for Greater Inclusivity
Rhianne Jones
Eye Tracking in Emotional Design Research: What Are Its Limitations?
Cyril Brom, Tereza St¡rkov¡, Ji Lukavsk, Ondej Javora, Edita Bromov¡
Gaze-Based Interactive Comics
Pavel Orlov, Pavel Orlov, Kseniia Gorshkova
Towards Using Gaze Properties to Detect Language Proficiency
Jakob Karolus, Pawel W. Wozniak, Lewis L. Chuang
Enabling Information Access in Virtual Learning Environment. The Case of Data Science Minor
Ilya Musabirov, Paul Okopny, Stanislav Pozdniakov
eyeGUI: A Novel Framework for Eye-Controlled User Interfaces
Raphael Menges, Chandan Kumar, Korok Sengupta, Steffen Staab
How Do Novice Older Users Evaluate and Perform Mid-Air Gesture Interaction for The First Time?
Arthur Theil Cabreira, Faustina Hwang


Room: Candelafoajen

Session Chair: Olof Torgersson

The SIDER Best Paper award was granted to:

The Mad Hatter’s Dinner Party”: Enhancing the Dining Experience Through the Use of Game Thinking

Ferran Altarriba Bertran, Mirzel Avdić, Asbjørn Grangaard Erlendsson, Lennart Schlüter and Thomas Neville Valkær from the University of Southern Denmark