Student Competition

In Cooperation with SIDeR’16 – Student Research Competition

This year’s student research competition at NordiCHI’16 is organized in cooperation with the 12th Student Interaction Design Research conference – SIDeR’16. SIDeR 2016 will take place on the 1st and 2nd of April, 2016 and will be held at Malmö University, Sweden. The two day event will be a mixture of keynote lectures, demos, workshops and parties. In order to participate in the NordiCHI’16 Student Research Competition you must first submit your work to the SIDeR conference.

Historically there are strong connections between SIDeR and the organizers of NordiCHI 2016. For instance SIDeR has taken place in Gothenburg twice, 2006 and 2012. To strengthen the ties between SIDeR and NordiCHI, and provide students with an opportunity to present their work at a well-established research conference, we are happy to announce the SIDeR Best Paper Award.

The SIDeR’16 Best Paper award is targeted to master and bachelor students in interaction design with an accepted contribution at SIDeR’16. All three categories; Papers, Posters and Demos will be evaluated. The criteria used for selecting the best paper are: Significance of the contribution to the field, Creativity, Rigor, Novelty, and Clarity of written presentation.

Deadline: 8th of February 2016

The SIDeR’16 best Paper has the following goals:

  •     to give bachelor and master students the opportunity to share their research ideas and results at NordiCHI and provide visibility for their work
  •     to give students the opportunity to meet with and interact with NordiCHI attendees to share ideas and gain new insights
  •     to give students an opportunity to sharpen their communication skills
  •     to give feedback to students about their research from industry and academia
  •     to recognize and reward outstanding student research

The winner will be selected by a jury consisting of members of the SIDeR and NordiCHI program and organizing committees. The selected winner will receive a diploma, and an invitation to present the work for an international research community at NordiCHI’16 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For details on formats and how to submit, see SIDeR’16