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Progress in research and practice concerning human use of interactive technologies depends on open debate and exchange of ideas. When different perspectives, practices, and ongoing research meet, new approaches and communities can emerge and mature. This is what workshops are for.

Workshops at NordiCHI 2016 provide opportunity for debate and co-development of ideas and approaches. They may focus on specific concerns or questions, or they may explore broader emerging topics. Workshops are based on participants’ active engagement and contribution. Participants prepare in advance to share perspectives, knowledge, and interest in the workshop theme. The outcomes of workshops include heightened sensitivity to new issues, joint publications and research programs, critical yet friendly feedback on emerging ideas; often they establish or solidify research networks and contribute towards community building.

Successful workshop proposals for NordiCHI 2016 should make full use of the workshop format by avoiding “mini-conference”-style paper presentations, and instead prioritize debate and joint action. Novel formats for submissions and for activities are encouraged. We also encourage proposals that reach out to other disciplines and traditions, and to industry, art, activism, and other practices to advance constructive and critical discussions. Successful proposals clearly explain the aim and relevance of the workshop, intended audience, planned activities, and expected outcomes.

Workshops are full-day events held on Sunday and Monday, 23-24 October 2016. Workshops should aim to attract 10-25 participants, and run for around six working hours, with scheduled morning, lunch and afternoon breaks.

Important Dates:

  •  Submission of workshop proposals: 5 May 2016 ((5:00 PM, PDT))
  •  Notification to workshop proposers: 25 15 May 2016
  •  Deadline for first announcement and workshop web page launch: 5 June 2016
  •  Deadline for camera-ready workshop descriptions to proceedings: 19 June 2016
  •  Deadline for position papers: 25 August
  •  Notification to workshop participants: 3 September 2016
  •  Early registration deadline: 16 September
  •  Workshop Days: One-day sessions: Sunday and Monday 23-24 October

How to submit a workshop proposal:

Workshop proposals should be formatted using the ACM SIGCHI 2014 Paper Template and should contain the following:

  •  an abstract describing the aims and objectives of the workshop. (Maximum of 300 words)
  • a short description of the workshop discussing the benefits and significance of running a workshop on the proposed theme. The description should also include an overview of the workshop (including duration and planned activities) and short biographies of the workshop organizers. (Maximum 2000 words)
  • a draft call-for-participation in the workshop.
  • a recruitment strategy detailing how the organizers plan to recruit and select participants. (Maximum 500 words)

Workshop proposals should be sent directly to the workshop chairs by email to

Accepted workshops will be announced by the organizers and through the NordiCHI2016 website to solicit submissions. Workshop organizers must establish a website for the workshop no later than June 5 and solicit participants through a Call for Workshop Participation circulated through appropriate channels such as mailing lists etc.

Please note that the time between acceptance of a workshop and the required first announcement is short, so plan accordingly.

Workshop participants are selected by the organizers of the workshop, based on criteria set by the organizers. Typically, potential participants submit a position paper, stating their contribution, interest and expertise related to the workshop. NordiCHI 2016 encourages workshop organizers to experiment with submission formats.

Workshop Chairs:

  • Olav Bertelsen, University of Aarhus
  • Maria Håkansson, Chalmers University of Technology