Paper sessions

NOTE: The schedule is tentative and might be suffering from minor changes.

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TUESDAY 11.00 – 12.30

Paper Session 1: Beyond Clicks – Touch and Gesture Interaction

Session Chair: Karin Slegers
Room: Pascal

Pen + Mid-Air: An Exploration of Mid-Air Gestures to Complement Pen Input on Tablets
Ilhan Aslan, Ida Buchwald, Philipp Koytek, Elisabeth Andre
MarkAirs: Are Children Ready for Marker-Based Mid-Air Manipulations?
Fernando Garcia-SanJuan, Vicente Nacher, Javier Jaen
Eliciting Mid-Air Gestures for Wall-Display Interaction
Markus L. Wittorf, Mikkel R. Jakobsen
Leaning Aware Interaction with Multi-touch Tabletops
Khan-Duy Le, Mahsa Paknezhad, Pawel Wozniak, Maryam Azh, Gabrielė Kasparavičiūtė, Morten Fjeld, Shendong Zhao, Michael Brown
Insights on the Impact of Physical Impairments in Full-Body Motion Gesture Elicitation StudiesBashar Altakrouri, Daniel Burmeister, Dennis Boldt, Andreas Schrader

Paper Session 2: Culture & Participation

Session Chair: Janet Read
Room: Hall

Participation Differences in Q&A Sites Across Countries: Opportunities for Cultural Adaptation
Oliviera Nigini, NAzareno Andrade, Katharina Reinecke
Informing Design Decisions for Advice Mediating Handheld Devices by Studying Coffee Cup Reading
Ahmet Börütecene, İdil Bostan, Tilbe Göksun, Oğuzhan Özcan
Promoting Citizen Participation through Gamification
Devis Bianchini, Daniela Fogli, Davide Ragazzi
Cultural and Gender Differences in Password Behaviour: Evidence from China, Turkey and the UK
Helen Petrie, Burak Merdenyan
Happenstance, strategies and tactics: Intrinsic design in a volunteer-based community
Susanne Bødker, Henrik Korsgaard, Peter Lyle, Joanna Saad-Sulonen

TUESDAY 14.00 – 15.30

Paper Session 3: Visualization

Session Chair: Thomas Olsson
Room: Pascal

Supporting Supervisory Control of Safety-Critical Systems with Psychologically Well-founded Information Visualizations
Marie-Christin Ostendorp, Thomas Friedrichs, Andreas Lüdtke
Scale Effects in the Steering Time Difference between Narrowing and Widening Linear Tunnels 
Shota Yamanaka, Homei Miyashita
Designing Information Visualizations for Elite Soccer Children’s Different Levels of Comprehension
Thor Herdal, Jeppe Gerner, Søren Knudsen
Can We Interpret the Depth? Evaluating Variation in Stereoscopic Depth for Encoding Aspects of Non-Spatial Data
Ragaad AlTarawneh, Shah Rukh Humayoun, Achim Ebert
Representing View Relations: An Exploratory Study on Between-View Meta-Visualizations
Søren Knudsen, Sheelagh Carpendale

Paper Session 4: Design in Theory and Practice

Session Chair: Susanne Bødker
Room: Hall

How Ideas make it through to Designs: Process and Practice 
Janet Read, Daniel Fitton, Gavin Sim, Matt Horton
An Argument For Design Space Reflection 
Graham Dove, Kim Halskov, Nicolai Brodersen Hansen
Anthropomorphism as a Strategy to Engage End-Users in Health Data Ideation 
Bert Vandenberghe, Karin Slegers
Traces as an Approach to Design for Focal Things and Practices
Holly Robbins, Elisa Giaccardi, Elvin Karana
Critical Look at the User-Centered Design Competencies
Heli Kautonen, Mika P. Nieminen

TUESDAY 16.00 – 17.30

Paper Session 5: Into Everyday Life

Session Chair: Kari Kuutti
Room: Hall

Informing Design for Reflection: an Overview of Current Everyday Practices
Ine Mols, Elise Van den Hoven, Berry Eggen
Politics at Home: Second Screen Behaviours and Motivations During TV DebatesKaterina Gorkovenko, Nick Taylor
Involving Citizens in Open Innovation Process by Means of Gamification: the Case of WeLive 
Sami Kauppinen, Satu Luojus, Janne Lahti
User Expectations of Everyday Gaze Interaction on Smartglasses
Deepak Akkil, Andrés Lucero, Jari Kangas, Tero Jokela, Marja Salmimaa, Roope Raisamo
Onebody: Remote Posture Guidance System using First Person View in Virtual EnvironmentThuong N Hoang, Martin Reinoso, Frank Vetere, Egemen Tanin

Paper Session 6: Mobile Interaction

Session Chair: Cecilia Katzeff
Room: Pascal

Proximity-Based Automatic Exchange of Data in Mobile Gaming: Studying the Experiences of StreetPass Users
Susanna Paasovaara, Thomas Olsson
Investigating Screen Shifting Techniques to Improve One-Handed Smartphone UsageHuy Viet Le, Patrick Bader, Thomas Kosch, Niels Henze
Understanding Same-Side Interactions with Wrist-Worn Devices 
Frederic Kerber, Markus Löchtefeld, Antonio Krüger, Jess McIntosh, Charlie McNeill, Mike Fraser
Continuity in Multi-Device Interaction: An Online Study
Dimitrios Raptis, Jesper Kjeldskov, Mikael B. Skov

WEDNESDAY 11.00-12.30

Paper Session 7: Beyond Touch and Gestures

Session Chair: Anne Marie Kanstrup
Room: Hall

Designing for In Situ Intentional Affective Interaction
Frode Guribye, Tor Gjøsæter, Christian Bjartli
Loaded Dice: Exploring the Design Space of Connected Devices with Blind and Visually Impaired People
Kevin Lefeuvre, Sören Totzauer, Andreas Bischof, Albrecht Kurze, Michael Storz, Lisa Ullmann, Arne Berger
CapCodes: Capacitive 3D Printable Identification and On-screen Tracking for Tangible Interaction
Timo Götzelmann, Daniel Schneider
Probing Human-Soundscape Interaction Using Observational User Experience Methods
Selman Yücetürk, Mohammad Obaid, Asim Evren Yantac
Towards a Design Space for Liquid User Interfaces
Jonna Häkkilä, Ashley Colley
Exploring Design Factors for Transforming Passive Vibration Signals into Smartwear Interactions
Teng Han, David Ahlström, Xing-Dong Yang, Ahmad Byagowi, Pourang Irani

Panel: The Whys, Hows and Whats of Future Scenarios

Room: Pascal
Session Chair: Sus Lundgren

This session features a short introduction to future scenarios, short presentations and then a panel discussion on how to craft scenarios, how to use them, and what may come out of them.

Stop Nigmas: Experimental Speculative Design through Pragmatic Aesthetics and Public Art
Sandjar Kozubaev
From Design Fiction to Future Models of Community Building and Civic Engagement
Julian Hanna, Simone Ashby
Chasing Digital Shadows: Exploring Future Hybrid Cities through Anthropological Design Fiction
Johanna Ylipulli, Jenny Kangasvuo, Toni Alatalo, Timo Ojala
Beebots-a-lula, where’s my honey?: Design Fictions and Beekeeping
Liz Edwards, Deborah Maxwell, Toby Pillatt, Niamh Downing
Houses for Life: A Design Fiction Probe
Britta Schulte, Paul Marshall, Anna Cox
NewSchool: Studying the Effects of Design Fiction through Personalized Learning Scenarios
Jan Derboven, Bert Vandenberghe

WEDNESDAY 14.00-15.30

Paper Session 8: Emotions and the Digital World

Session Chair: Morten Fjeld
Room: Pascal

Digital Possessions After a Romantic Break Up
Daniel Herron, Wendy Moncur, Elise van den Hoven
Asserting Real-Time Emotions through Cued-Recall: Is it valid?
Anders Bruun, Effie Lai-Chong Law, Matthias Heintz, Poul Svante Eriksen
Understanding Fidget Widgets: Exploring the Design Space of Embodied Self-Regulation
Michael Karlesky, Katherine Isbister
Hotzenplotz – reconciling automation with experience
Holger Klapperich, Marc Hassenzahl

Paper Session 9: Staying or Going

Session Chair: Daniel Sjölie
Room: Hall

DeceptiBike – Assessing the Perception of Speed Deception in a Virtual Reality Training Bike System
Markus Löchtefeld, Antonio Krüger, Hans Gellersen 
Activities and Technology Usage While Driving: A Field Study with Private Short-Distance Car Commuters
Nicole Perterer, Christine Moser, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Alina Krischkowsky, Manfred Tscheligi
To See or Not to See – The Effect of Object Recognition on Users’  Trust for “Automated Vehicles”
Fredrick Ekman, Mikael Johansson, Jana Sochor
Evaluation of HeadTurn – An Interaction Technique Using the Gaze and Head Turns
Tomi Nukarinen, Jari Kangas, Oleg Spakov, Poika Isokoski, Deepak Akkil, Jussi Rantala, Roope Raisamo
Posing and Acting as Input for Personalizing Furniture
Bokyung Lee, Minjoo Cho, Joonhee Min, Daniel Saakes

Design cases:

Session Chair: Sarah Kettley
Room: Tesla

Spaghetti, Sink and Sarcophagus: Design Explorations of Tactile Artworks for Visually Impaired PeopleAndreas Reichinger, Svenja Schröder, Christian Löw, Sam Sportun, Peter Reichl, Werner Purgathofer
A Case of Cooperative Sound DesignGumhur Erkut, Stefano Delle Monache, Davide Rocchesso, Stefania Serafin
Urban FIFA: Augmenting Social Sports with Video Game ElementsMichael W. Strandby, Asger Storejerg, Jonas L. Petersen, Magnus K. Szatkowsi, Christian Dindler, Timothy Ryan
Itinerarium: Co-designing A Tangible Journey Through HistoryPatrizia Marti, Michele Tittarelli, Iolanda Iacono

WEDNESDAY 16.00-17.30

Paper Session 10: Exploring New Interface Domains

Session Chair: Netta Livari
Room: Pascal

SCI-FI: Shape-Changing Interfaces, Future Interactions
Giovanni Maria Troiano, John Tiab, Youn-kyung Lim
Material Programming: a Design Practice for Computational Composites
Anna Vallgårda, Laurens Boer, Vasiliki Tsaknaki, Dag Svanæs
Starring into the void? Classifying Internal vs. External Attention from EEG
Felix Putze, Maximilian Scherer, Tanja Schultz
Design Opportunities for Wearable Devices in Climbing
Eleonora Mencarini, Chiara Leonardi, Antonella De Angeli, Massimo Zancanaro
Fashionable Services for Wearables – Inventing and Investigating a New Design Path for Smart Watches
Oskar Juhlin, Yanqing Zhang, Jinyi Wang, Anders Andersson

Paper Session 11: Into the Real World

Session Chair: Thomas Pederson
Room: Hall

Primed Design Activities: Scaffolding Young Designers During Ideation
Daniel Fitton, Janet Read
It’s a Pain in the… Wild? Struggling to Create Conditions for Emerging Practices in an Urban Computing Project
Leena Venta-Olkkonen, Arto Lanamäki, Netta Iivari, Kari Kuutti
Decision-Making under Uncertainty: How the Amount of Presented Uncertainty Influences User Behavior
Miriam Greis, Passant El.Agroudy, Hendrik Schuff, Tonja Machulla, Albrecht Schmidt
Usability Information Management: Prototype for Result Exploration Based on an Empirical Analysis of Use Cases
Ben Heuwing, Thomas Mandl, Christa Womser-Hacker
A Large-Scale Design Thinking Project Seen from the Perspective of Participants 
Christian Dindler, Eva Eriksson, Peter Dalsgaard

THURSDAY 9.00-10.30

Paper Session 12: Inside the User Experience

Session Chair: Olof Torgersson
Room: Pascal

“It feels like I’m managing myself”: HIV+ people tracking their personal health information
Adrian Bussone, Simone Stumpf, George Buchanan
Quantified UX: Towards a Common Organizational Understanding of User Experience 
Florian Lachner, Philipp Naegelein, Robert Kowalski, Martin Spann, Andreas Butz
Towards Supporting Caregivers to Monitor the Whereabouts of People with Dementia
Nam Ly, Audrey Serna, Samir Aknine, Jörn Hurtienne
Understanding Design for Automated Image Analysis in Digital Pathology
Jesper Molin, Paweł W. Woźniak, Claes Lundström, Darren Treanor, Morten Fjeld
Expanding the Locus of Control – Design of a Mobile Quantified Self-Tracking Application for Whiplash Patients
Simon Kristoffer Johansen, Anne Marie Kanstrup

Paper Session 13: Learning and Playing

Session Chair: Marta Larusdottir
Room: Hall

Designing for Children’s Collective Music Making: How Spatial Orientation and Configuration Matter
Jens Emil Grønbæk, Kasper Buhl Jakobsen, Marianne Graves Petersen, Majken Kirkegård, Jakob Winge, Jeppe Stougaard
Informing Content-Driven Design of Computer Programming Games: a Problems Analysis and a Game Review
Lieve Laporte, Bieke Zaman
Gamifying Mathematics for Primary Students in Rural Sri Lanka
Thilina Halloluwa, Dhaval Vyas, Hakim Usoof, Tony Sahama, Priyantha Hewagamage
Inclusive or Inflexible – a Critical Analysis of the School Context in Supporting Children’s Genuine Participation
Netta Iivari, Marianne Kinnula
Robots Tutoring Children: Longitudinal Evaluation of Social Engagement in Child-Robot Interaction
Sofia Serholt, Wolmet Barendregt

THURSDAY 11.00-12.30

Paper Session 14: Making it All Presentable

Session Chair: Virpi Roto
Room: Hall

Ambient Surfaces: Interactive Displays in the Informative Workspace of Co-located Scrum Teams
Jan Schwarzer, Susanne Draheim, Kai von Luck, Qi Wang, Pablo Casaseca, Christos Grecos
Crouch, hold and engage: Spatial Aspects of Augmented Reality Browsing
Ashley Colley, Tuomas Lappalainen, Elisa Määttätän, Johannes Schöning, Jonna Häkkilä
Peripheral Light Cues for In-Vehicle Task Resumption
Shadan Sadeghian Borojeni, Abdallah El Ali, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll
Readability in Multi-User Large-Screen Scenarios
Andrea Nutsi, Michael Koch
Arty Portfolios: A portfolio approach for Artistic Work in Interaction Design Research
Michael Leitner, Özge Subasi
Webpage Aesthetics: One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Aliaksei Miniukovich, Antonella De Angeli

Paper Session 15: Sustainability & Wellness

Session Chair: Jan Gulliksen
Room: Pascal

Towards a Sustainable Crowdsourced Sound Heritage Archive by Public Participation:The Soundsslike Project
Pinar Yelm, Huseyin Kuscu, Asim Evren Yantac
Walk as You Work – User Study and Design Implications for Mobile Walking Meetings
Aino Ahtinen, Eeva Andrejeff, Maiju Vuolle, Kaisa Väänänen
Involving End-Users in Game Based Ideation: A Case Study in Hospital Logistics
Jonathan Huyghe, Marije Nouwen, Jeroen Vanattenhoven
HeatDial: Beyond User Scheduling in Eco-Interaction
Rikke Hagensby Jensen, Jesper Kjeldskov, Mikael B. Skov
Eco-Feedback Visualization for Closing the Gap of Organic Food Consumption
Jorge Luis Zapico, Cecilia Katzeff, Ulrica Bohné, Rebecka Milestad