Social Program

Informal Get-together Monday: Kuggen

Kuggen (Swedish for ‘the (cogwheel) cog’), is a  located at Lindholmspiren in Gothenburg, and host e.g. the Department of Applied IT at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, Interactive Instutute Swedish ICT, Chalmers Professional, Dataföreningen and Volvo. Kuggen is connected to the neighboring conference venue Lindholmen Conference Center by a walkway on the first floor.

lindholmen scence park2

  •  Address: Lindholmsplatsen 1 / Lindholmspiren 5

Welcome Reception Tuesday: Restaurant Pir 11

Restaurant Pir 11 is located inside the Ericsson building by the water front, with an amazing view over the city and the harbour. The restaurant is also next door to the conference venue and the Radisson hotel at Lindholmen.

ericsson 4

  •  Address: Lindholmspiren 11

Conference Dinner Wednesday: Kajskjul 8

Kajskjul 8 is a rustic venue built in the late 19th century, originally used as a warehouse. In 1995 it re-opened as a popular dinner show venue and today offers a genuine and charming environment by the water. Kajskjul 8 is located next to Stenpiren, a 4 minute free ferry ride from the conference venue.



Social and Happiness Chair:

Marisa Ponti, University of Gothenburg